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More Tailgate Stuff

Getting the message out about our Radical Faith Stewardship Journey. Thanks Chuck Ulrich at Arbor Masters for letting us use the bucket truck!

Tailgate Party Pics

Here are a couple of pictures from our Radical Faith Tailgate Party at our BA Campus this past Sunday. Thanks guys for the great grillin’.

From the bucket truck

Harold bashing his van

Video from South Africa

The kids at the Fold giving us a little concert for bringing over their new musical instruments. “Happy Birthday” I think.

South Africa Update

It’s Saturday night here in Johannesburg. Preparing to preach in the morning at the Kempton Church of Christ (I think). We just got back in the city from the bush visiting Paul and Micky Prince. Their ministry is called The Fold and right now they are caring for seven orphaned South African Children. We had great time playing with the kids, having long conversations with the Princes and seeing some big game. On the way into town today we say giraffe, ostrich and wildebeest.

The Princes are doing such a great job in a difficult environment. These kids have a lot of strikes against them. Paul and Micky are in their court. Keep praying for them and their ministry at The Fold.

Joplin Tornado Relief

Here’s a pic from inside the very full gymnasium at the College Height Christian Church in Joplin. College Heights has been designated as a main distribution site for food, water and basic supplies. We are partnering with Northside Christian Church in BA to collect more supplies, but right now they can’t handle any more. Will keep you updated on this.

Salutatorian Sings Her Speech

This is my talented and beautiful niece, Logan, at her graduation ceremony this past Saturday. She graduate from Summit Christian Academy and will be attending Manhattan Christian College with my daughter, Kimber next fall. Great job Logan!

Christmas 2.0

If the nativity took place today…

Look out North Korea!

Given the recent incident putting North Korea in the news again, check out this incredible testimony from an 18 year old North Korean girl whose missionary father was imprisoned and ultimately martyred. She plans to spend her life sharing the gospel with her people of North Korea (not your typical 18 year old). This was recorded just a couple of weeks ago at The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism.

Listen to this…

Harold and the Cedar Ridge band played some great music before our worship services this past weekend. Here’s a sampling of their original work.
CRCC Prelude 6

Great Way to End a Day!

Caught this bass at the end of our cove on Grand Lake last Saturday night…after a little tail dance.

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