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This is a Real Man’s Dog

Was out in the backyard tonight just throwing some horse shoes with the family. Kyler’s one-year old English Setter, Gage, insisted on retrieving them for us.

Pheasant Hunting in Kansas

We had a great time hunting last week in Kansas. A few of us guys from church, along with some friends, bagged 47 birds in two days.

Hunting in Nebrasa

Had a great time pheasant hunting in Nebraska last week with my boys (Tanner and Kyler). Stayed with some great folks from the Valley Christian Church in North Platte where my friend Brent Montgomery preaches. Thanks Brent for all your help.

Church Skeet Shoot

We had a great time shooting with the guys (and girls) from Northside Christian Church this past Saturday. Okay I only shot an 18 on the skeet range. But my partner, Rex (from Northside) and I took 1st place in the team shoot on the trap range. Thanks Kyle for taking some great pics that day.


On the family side…here’s our newest addition. She’s an eight week old English Setter, yet to be named. In this picture she’s working a quail wing in the front yard (for the non-hunter, quail is a game bird – and it tastes like chicken).

Hunting with Jimmy Houston

I can’t get enough bird hunting in this year. Here’s a picture of our group pheasant hunting last month around Hays, Ks. That’s my son, Tanner, my good friends, Ray Volentine and Duane Montgomery and our resident celebrity, Jimmy Houston (and a bunch of other guys). I’m hoping to get back out Friday.

When Jake met Sally

On a personal note…You know I love to bird hunt with my close-to-10-year-old Setter, Jake. The good news is that Jake met Sally last week. Sally is a 5 year old female Setter with a great nose that belongs to Dr. Don Craig, also a bird hunter. Sally has been “sleeping over” the last several days since she’s in her cycle. Both parties seem interested. We’re at about the right timing. We’re crossing our fingers for some puppies in a few months. I’ll keep you posted.

I Don’t Need You

Last week my two bird dogs escaped the back yard.  I let them out of their individuals pens as I routinely do in the evening.  But when I opened the back door an hour later, expecting excitement and plenty of dog-saliva, there wasn’t a dog to be seen.  I called  for them – nothing.  I walked around the corner of the house and sure enough, someone had left the gate open.  I walked to the front yard and called again – and again no sign of the escapees.  Now I wasn’t too worried about my nine-year old English Setter, Jake.  He knows his way around.  After previous jail-breaks, he’s found his way home.  I was worried about my daughter’s 10-month old Golden Retriever, Bailey.  She’s just a pup.  And though she has a collar with my name and phone number on it, she isn’t used to traffic and doesn’t have enough maturity to forget the new smells and pay attention to getting back.  My first thought was, “if they stay together, they’ll be just fine.”  I drove around our dark neighborhood until midnight hoping to catch a glimpse of them, but with no luck.  Finally I resorted to waiting for a phone call.  That’s when Jake showed up in the back yard; wet and muddy, hungry and thirsty.  No Bailey.  That’s what I was afraid of.  In fact, no sign of Bailey all night long.  The only hope now was that someone would call.  That call came aroudn 7:45 a.m.  “I have your dog,” the stranger announced.  Bailey was a 1.5 miles away and excited to see me as I drove up.  Everything worked out.

Unfortunately, everything doesn’t always work out for those following Christ.  And even more unfortunate, we behave just like my two bird dogs – we don’t stay together.  “I don’t need close Christian friends.  I don’t need a small group.  I can make it myself.”  And for just a minute, let’s suppose that you can.  The reality is that someone weaker or with less experience may just need you.  They may need encouragement from you.  They may need wise counsel from you.  They may just need your friendship.  That’s what Christians are about – doing things even when the beneficiary is someone besides ourselves.  “Since we are all one body in Christ, we belong to each other and each of us needs all the others” (Romans 12:5 NLT).