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Unleashed for the Unreached

prayer wall

100 man hours is a precious commodity these days. That’s the approximate amount of human resources we spent praying in front of the Wall of Unreached Peoples last weekend. 100 hours of uninterrupted praying over the nearly 7000 unreached people groups of the world. You could accomplish a lot with that kind of time. Think about the impact we could have made with 100 volunteer serving hours? And there are certainly plenty of people we could have prayed for here at home? Why do what we did?

God has always directed his people with an “arrows out” mentality. He told the Israelites to, “bless the nations.” He told his church, “Go and make disciples.” Unfortunately, the default setting for most of us in “arrows in.” The Israelites were always more concerned about their own blessing. The early church was slow to spread the gospel until persecution forced the issue. It’s always easier to think of my church and my community and my country. Yet from the beginning of time God has always expressed a heart for all people and all nations. His dream is “every nation, tribe, people and language” (Revelation 7:9) represented before the throne.

We prayed because the Bible tells us it is the most effective thing a believer we can do. “When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works” (Charles Spurgeon). We prayed, focusing on the unreached people groups of the world, because that’s what growing Christians do; we begin
praying for the things that God wants. Instead of always praying for our needs and the physical health of our loved ones…instead of “arrows in” praying, maturing believers pray for the things God’s heart desires. Those are they prayers God loves to answer. That’s praying “God’s will be done.”

I loved hearing comments like these:
“I didn’t realize there were so many unreached in our world.”
“I was touched because the person before me was sobbing while they were praying.”
“I didn’t think I could pray for an entire hour but it seemed like it went so fast.”
My personal thanks to all who participated in our Unleashed for the Unreached prayer event. Thank you for being a people of prayer. And thank you for letting God develop within you a heart like his.

The SON Rising in Nortth Africa


I just returned a couple of days with our Cedar Ridge team from north Africa. We spent a week seeing the our Radical Faith dollars at work in the children physical therapy center, loving and encouraging our global partners, and praying for God’s spirit to be unleashed in a place deceived by Islam. You would be proud of our missionaries there. They are doing a great work in a dark place.

Having a change of pace and perspective is a good thing. This week I’ve been tweeting some of my trip thoughts while in north Africa. I thought I would recap them here in their original twitter form:

North Africa Trip Thought #1: Though they may be forgotten or unknown to us, God’s story includes people from every ethnicity on the planet.

North Africa Trip Thought #2: While there is spiritual darkness where Jesus is not known, it can be darker where Jesus is known & not followed.

North Africa Trip Thought #3: f I truly believe God is sovereign & unreached people R eternally lost w/o Jesus…then I don’t pray near enough.

North Africa Trip Thought #4: Our global partners who serve faithfully in difficult places with little reward are my biggest heroes.

North Africa Trip Thought #5: Gods at work drawing the unreached of the world to himself…and its gonna look different than how we view church.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of our trip with you. As I’m writing this our South Africa team is in the air on their way to The Fold. Pray that our team is encouraging to the Princes and the vulnerable children of South Africa.

Kimber in the Southeast Outlook

My daughter, Kimber is on the front page of the November 8th edition of the Southeast Outlook, a newspaper publication of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. Kimber worked in Kenya this summer in conjunction with Life in Abundance International and MI2, an intern program made available through Southeast Christian Church. Check it out.

Southeast Outlook Nov 8, 2012 Edition

Kimber In Kenya

I’m proud of my youngest daughter, Kimber, who is in her second year at Manhattan Christian College. She spent the summer in Kenya doing a missions internship with Life in Abundance International. She put together this great video depicting her adventures.

New Van at The Fold

Fall 2011 we embarked on a spiritual journey we called Radical Faith. Around $1.9 million was committed toward debt reduction, establishment of new local campuses and projects with our global partners. One of our African projects was to provide funds for The Fold Children’s Home to purchase a mini-bus. That 22 passenger vehicle was recently acquired and the kids sent the Cedar Ridge family a great big “thank you.” We showed the following video at our campuses this past weekend.

This is day six of our teams trips to South Africa and we’re wrapping up our last full day at The Fold. It’s been a great day. We were able to finish moving and putting into place the playground equipment that we moved. The kids are already loving it as you can see in the pictures below.

Several of our team members finished a window trim painting project today. It really makes the front of the building look great.

We have been doing music with the kids every morning this week about 10:30 am. Because of our work projects, we weren’t able to do it at that time today. The kids asked us all day, “can we do music now?” Even the boys! They have had a great time. We brought out the rhythm sticks tonight and they had a ball.

Our team had a great time meeting with our global partners, Paul and Micky Prince tonight. I think they have been encouraged by our visit and we’re all sad we have to leave tomorrow.

Music Camp in South Africa

Here’s a taste of our South Africa team singing with the kids this morning. We’ve been teaching them the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from Daniel 3 along with scriptures that remind us to trust God. We hope that this memory verse (Proverbs 3:5-6) that we sang is one that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

South Africa Day 5

So we’ve had a few blog and internet issues keeping me from posting so I’m playing a little catch-up here…

Monday we worked on disassembling some playground equipment that had been donated to The Fold. We were able to transport some of it that day. There is a truck moving the rest in the morning. We will work on it tomorrow and prepare it for use at the Fold.

Monday night several of us were still adjusting to the time change and were awake the last half of the night.

Tuesday we were able to do some music with the kids, since they are out of school this week. We are doing some of the songs our Cedar Ridge kids will be doing next month in Music Camp. It’s amazing how much of the scripture songs the kids are remembering, even with their broken English.

Tuesday afternoon was a lot of fun for our group. We were able to go on a game drive at a local game farm. We saw many of the big African animals: rhino, eland, kudu, sable, zebra and giraffe. We were taking lots of pictures.

Today, besides playing and singing with the kids, we worked on several projects around The Fold compound. Several prepped and painted. I was the interior decorator and hung some curtains.

It’s been fun to have lots of conversations with Paul and Micky throughout the day; hearing of their vision for The Fold, listening to their disappointments and most of all catching their love and hope for the children of South Africa without a nurturing home life.

South Africa Day 2

After 30 plus hours of traveling, our Cedar Ridge team has finally arrived at The Fold in South Africa. It included a two hour domestic flight, a 16 hour international flight and a 4 hour car drive. This group is beat and headed to bed. Our team prayed tonight that we would be an encouragement to the Princes, our global partners here and that we would make a difference in the lives of the children at The Fold, even in the short time we have. Pray along with us and thanks for keeping up with our trip.

Weekly Email

This weekend we wrap up our series, Practically Christian. When you are practically Christian, you believe but there is a big “but” in how it gets represented in your life. You say one thing but your lifestyle says something contrary. Have you identified with one of the Christian conditions we’ve talked about?
Practical Atheist – When you believe in God but don’t act like it.
Practical Universalist – When you believe Christ is necessary for salvation but don’t share your faith.
Practical Fatalist – When you believe in eternity but live like this life is all there is.

Being a Practical Fatalist may be one of the most prevalent and most deceiving of the bunch. With the comforts and luxuries we enjoy, it’s easy to get comfortable and forget that this world is not really our home (remember the story of the sea lion living in the desert). We can forget that “The world and its desires pass away” (1 John 2:17). We can forget to live for the line (eternal life) and find ourselves making all of our decision based on the dot (life on earth).

If you’re finding yourself with any of those symptoms, quit taking the pill of the temporary and start living life fully aware. Aware that there is more to life than just acquiring more stuff and making this life more comfortable. Life is just preparation for eternity. Are you living like that?

If you missed the message, Practical Fatalist, you can view it here:

You have been praying for The Fold in South Africa and Paul and Micky Prince, our global partners there as a part of our Radical Faith Journey. This weekend a team of seven of us from Cedar Ridge will be traveling there to encourage the Princes and minister to the children there. Pray for our team and our travel. If you want to keep up with our trip, I’ll be updating my blog daily at

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