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What Do You Do With Jesus?

Tomorrow I start a new 6-week message series called, “What Do You Do With Jesus?” From the last 3 chapters (22-24) of Luke’s Gospel, we’ll examine how different people interacted with Jesus in the final hours of his ministry here on earth.

“Judas Betrayed Him” is first in the series and I’ll talk about these three lessons:
1. You can fool people, but you can’t fool God.
2. You can act like a disciple, and not really be one.
3. You can disappoint God, but you can’t deter Him.

After hearing the sermon, if you have a question or want to add a thought, please comment on this post. Upcoming sermons include, Peter Denied Him, Pilate Tried Him, God Raised Him (Easter Sunday).

The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Oh, no! My faith is shaken again! What if they really have discovered the remains of Jesus and all of Christianity is discredited? That’s the lastest claim by James Cameron with “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” to air soon on the Discovery Channel. After all, they have DNA proof (Maybe Judge Seidlin can handle this after Anna Nicole Smith).

I’m thinking – come on! Get off of the “anti-traditional-Christian-faith sensationalism. The only real thing unearthed here is someone’s plan of taking in a load of money with this production. Unfortunately, the casualties will be some very gullible people who will get taken in and confused by this latest “amazing discovery.”

Do Christians need to worry? Isn’t it interesting that in thousands of years of archaeology, there has not been one piece of evidence that disproves or discredits the Christian faith. On the contrary, there have been countless discoveries that have confirmed biblical record. Once again, with this “Lost Tomb…” stuff, the evidence will speak for itself. And Christianity will stand up to the test…and to the questions. The way I see it, this is just another opportuntity to start conversations about Jesus.

Here’s some interesting blog coverage.

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