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Hollywood Hypocrites (not a political statement)

Okay, I’m going to say since nobody else is (and I’m still in a cynical mood).

With all the “Hollywood Hypocrites” that have been revealed as of late, I am announcing to everyone that I will no longer be going to the movies. I will not darken the doors of a movie theater. I will not rent DVDs from Blockbuster (I think my wife still has a late charge on our card anyway). I will not watch movies on pay-per-view. I will not watch them on regular television. Most of all, I will not be attending next year’s Oscar Awards Ceremony (didn’t see any of those movies anyway). I am absolutely appalled that actors and producers preach one thing, but live by a different standard. Don’t ask me to give a dime or any of my time to that industry. They all are a bunch of hypocrites! Every one of them!

Okay, maybe that reaction would be a little extreme (that is, unless you’re talking about all the hypocrites who go to church).