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Career Transition and Support Group

Last night, Donnie Davis led another instruction and support time at Cedar Ridge that we’re calling , Career Transition and Support Group. It meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. and is designed for people who have been fired or layed off from their job and those who are unfulfilled or maybe even burned out in their current career. We started this ministry because it just seemed like churches (and even most businesses) weren’t doing much to meet the needs in this area. Other than promise to pray and maybe help with some groceries, most churches are ill-equipped to help the unemployed or unsatisfied employed. We’re fortunate to have someone like Donnie Davis at Cedar Ridge, who just happens to be a career coach with a local company called, CoachWise Solutions. Donnie leads group participants through some practical instruction and assessment, offers networking opportunities, as well as the support of others in similar situations. It’s a great opportuntity for ministry.