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What Do You Do With Jesus? 4

I preached this morning from Luke 23 on the crucifixion of Jesus. I called it “The Roman Centurion Crucified Him.” Here are the main points.

1. The centurion was involved in Jesus’ crucifixion.
And you and I were involved too, because our sins were represented there.

2. The centurion was outspoken about Jesus’ crucifixion.
With much to lose, he unashamedly confessed, “Surely this man is the Son of God!”

3. The centurion was changed because of Jesus’ crucifixion.
In fact, because of the cross we all are changed – our eternal destiny has been arranged.

Whether that Roman Centurion became a true disciple or not, we really don’t know. But regardless, what I like about him is that he didn’t have to be encouraged to be a bold witness for Christ. No need for classes on “Sharing the Faith.” No encouraging sermons on evangelism. He didn’t have to be reminded (as most of us Christians do) to engage in coversations about spiritual things. He simply witnessed the sacrificial, voluntary act of a loving God and his confession (“Surely this man is the Son of God”) poured out of him. It was a reality to him that was naturally expressed.

Maybe we spend too much time in church encouraging the expressions of faith (our behaviors), when instead if we concentrated on the realities of faith (our beliefs), the expressions would be a natural outpouring. Just wondering???