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Music Camp Begins

It started this morning as over 300 kids converged on our facilities. Here’s a picture of our Student Band leading almost 200 elementary age children in worship.

Kids Driving

So my last kid got her drivers license this past week. No, it wasn’t hard on me. Are you kidding? It was one of the best days of my life. No more taking to school, picking up from soccer practice, taking to church early, etc. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

After four kids, you do learn some things, though. The link below is the Driving Agreement that we have used with all of our children. It gave us an opportunity to sit down and talk very clearly about what we expected of them, if they wanted the privilege of driving. If you have kids about the driving age, I recommend something like this.


Kimber Serving as Senate Page

My daughter, Kimber, just got back home today, having served this week as a Page for the Oklahoma State Senate. She received an appointment from our own Senator Mike Mazzei. She had a great time, and learned a lot about our government process.
It has been a pleasure for me to get know Senator Mazzei by serving on his Pastors Counsel. I appreciate not only his strong faith, but his strong position reagarding our state being financially responsible. Senator Mazzei is currently the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

A “Win” with our Kids

In our staff meeting each Monday morning, we often report, from our indiviual ministries, some highlights from the previous Sunday events. Vicky Cope, our Director of Children’s Ministries, shared this week that over the last three months, the kids in our Junior Worship area had been earning “Big City Studio bucks” for things like attending church, bringing a Bible, bringing a friend, etc. This past Sunday was a celebration and the “Big City Studio Store” was open. The kids could use their “bucks” to purchase certain items.

Vicky was a little emotional as she told us that she witnessed several of her kids offering (without any prompting) some of their “bucks” to kids who were new and not yet had a chance to receive any “bucks.” She also told about how she observed one of the boys using almost all of his “bucks” to purchase a Bible from the “store.” She thought this a little strange since she knew that he had his own Bible which he had received after his baptism. When she asked him about it, his response was, “I bought this for my friend who doesn’t go to church.”

Wow! The children in our Kids Zone our getting it. Thanks all you leaders and volunteers in this area. You are making a difference!

Little Rock, Arkansas

Andrea and I spent the weekend at a soccer tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas with our daughter, Kimber. Not bad weather for end-of-January-first-of-February weekend. It did remind me of the “You Might Be a Soccer Parent if…” lines. Here are a few of my favorites. You might be a soccer parent if…
-All of your vacation time is taken up by soccer events.
-Your child’s “good shoes” are his newest soccer cleats.
-You have a strict rule about “no removing shin guards inside of the car.
-You look forward to Monday so that you can go back to work and relax.
-You own a 2-year-old SUV with 182,000 original miles.
-When someone asks you how old your child is, you respond, “She’s a 93.”

The tournament did give us a chance to get away and spend some time with our kids (our son, Kyler went too). We also got a chance to visit a cool church between games on Sunday, called The Summit Church. If you’re ever in Little Rock on a Sunday, I recommend it.

Purity Retreat

This past weekend our family attended a purity retreat put on by our church’s Student Ministry. We had about 80 young people participate, including my two teenagers, Kyler and Kimber. Paul Abner, from Worth the Wait, did the speaking. Some of the parents I talked with loved how they were included as a part of the programming and looked forward to using the weekend as a springboard to talk to their student about sexual issues. During the final session, students made a committment to sexual purity. Many were given rings by their parents as a symbol of that commitment. It was a powerful weekend. And one I hope we can do again in a couple of years. Parents, let’s keep praying for our kids to remain pure.

Kids Home from Mexico

Well, my two younger kids, Kyler and Kimber, got home from Mexico over the weekend. They had been in Juarez, Mexico along with 60 other young people and sponsors from Cedar Ridge participating in a short-term mission trip. Their agenda was to build two homes for two different families in partnership with Amor Ministries.

The trip was successful. The homes were finished. Students returned safely. Experiences were shared. But my prayer is that seeds were planted. Maybe future missionaries in our group of high schoolers…maybe future church leaders growing up inside a newly provided home…Maybe future kingdom citizens from the neighborhood children that were watching and wondered why…?

I’m glad my kids are home. Andrea and I missed them (although we did enjoy a quiet house for the week). We hugged them a long time. We got their clothes cleaned, sort of. We listened to their stories. We’re glad they’re back. But I hope there’s a part of them that stayed in that distance place. I hope no matter what they do in life that they’ll always have a heart for people who are far from God, and often far from home.

In the Kiamichis

Just got back from the Kiamichi Men’s Clinic a couple of weeks ago. Every year, my son, Kyler, and I, along with my brother and his two boys, meet my dad and nephew in the Kiamichi mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Several hundred men and boys (maybe more) camp out on “Christ’s 40 Acres” for several days of old-fashioned preaching, southern-gospel music, good fellowship with guys like Joe Wilson, Alan Dunbar, Marvin Phillips, and a whole bunch of story-swapping. The Pittman camp has added to the schedule some fishing and lots of ATV trail-riding (I’m really sorry about splashing water with my 4-wheeler on Ozark Christian College president, Matt Proctor at the low-water bridge).

Why do we go? Maybe it’s tradition. I’ve gone to the “Kiamichis” since I was kid. Maybe it’s just a great get-away with our boys? Maybe it’s a chance to slow down. Could be the “real man meets wilderness” thing. I don’t know, but I’m planning on be back next year.