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Coweta Campus Launch Video

This is video we showed last week updating our church on our Coweta Campus Launch. Thanks Clay Allen for the great pics and Kelly Naumann for the great video.

Easter Card to Coweta Residents

I love the card that went out this week announcing Easter services at our Coweta Campus. It is the core message of Christianity – that if Jesus can conquer the grave, then he can conquer anything that is going on in your life. The message of Easter is one of hope. Jesus bring hope! I’m praying that our Coweta Campus brings hope to the community.

Except from my weekly Email

Don’t forget about our Good Friday Communion service tomorrow night, April 6th, 6:30 pm at our Broken Arrow campus. This reflective service will last about 45 minutes. It will include some singing, an explanation of the last supper of Jesus in the upper room, followed by taking communion together.

This past Sunday we focused on the crucifixion of Jesus. It was a pivotal moment in this Jesus Movement of which we are a part. Without the cross, there is no forgiveness of sin. Without the cross, there is no salvation. Without the cross there is no hope in the resurrection. It was the greatest expression of love the world has ever seen. Jesus left the glory and splendor of heaven. He came and lived on this earth with us so that he could ultimately die on the cross for us. Jesus loves you so much that he gave everything just to be with you. Don’t miss the heart message of the Jesus Movement in all the religious noise and church clamor that tends to confuse. It’s simple: For God so loved the world.

If you missed Sunday, you can always stay up with our series by watching the message here. If you’re interested in some follow up reminders throughout the week of Sunday’s message, follow me on twitter @gregapittman. This weekend we will continue The Jesus Movement series with The Resurrection. This Sunday is Easter Sunday. Did you know 8 out of 10 friends would join you at church for Easter if you asked? Don’t let the two scare you from world change.

Let me share Coweta Campus Minister, Ryan Fankhauser’s report of last Sunday at Coweta:

What an exciting launch service at the Coweta Campus! All of you helped make Sunday special to hundreds of people. Thank you so much for your willingness to serve these past few weeks and your commitment to the future. I’ve had a number of conversations with people who have said they’ll be back next week. Overall, we had 309 in attendance. 73 kids and adults in KidsZone and 236 crammed in like sardines in the worship center!

It was an exciting Opening Day! Because of such a great response, we will be having two services on Easter at Coweta at 9:00 and 10:30am. Thank you Ryan and all of our Coweta Launch Team for representing the entire Cedar Ridge family so well.

Look forward to seeing you Easter Sunday at one of our campuses.

Coweta Campus Launch Report

I had a great time at our Launch Party last night and at our staff meeting this morning hearing stories from our opening service at our Coweta campus. We were thrilled to have over 300 people in attendance. Our volunteers cared for over 60 children. We ran out of seating and had to put in additional chairs in the worship center. We ran out of communion supplies and I’m not positive but some may have received small bits of snickerdoodle cookie instead of unleavened bread. Because of such a great response, we will be holding two services on Easter Sunday, April 8th at 9:00am and 10:30am. Thank you Ryan, David and Vicky for your leadership. It was a great day!

We’re in the People Business

Coweta residents are already receiving our postcard for this week (the fourth in a series) announcing the launch of our Coweta Campus this Sunday, April 1st. This card communicates a core value for Cedar Ridge and that is people matter to God and because of that they matter to us. That’s why we’re opening our Coweta campus – because we care about people, their families, their lives and their eternal destinies.

We’re in the Coaching Business

Our latest postcard is going out today to area residents announcing our Coweta Campus launch on April 1st. We’re starting to see more website hits and phone calls in response. I love this card because it communicates one of our core values of believing God’s Word to be both relevant and powerful.

Coweta Ribbon Cutting

The Coweta Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at our Cedar Ridge Coweta Campus today. Ryan Fankhauser performed the scissor duties (they were pointed scissors, but fortunately no injuries). Watch for upcoming article in the Coweta American.


Cedar Ridge Coweta Campus

Video we showed Sunday highlighting the Coweta Campus component of our Radical Faith Stewardship Journey.

Cedar Ridge – Sapulpa Celebrates 6 Months

March 22, 2009 will go down as a defining moment for our church; the day we held our first service at our Sapulpa Campus – the day we reproduced. I can’t think of too many things I would desire more for the church in which I pastor, than for it to give birth. On our six-month anniversary of that event, let me share some thoughts I wrote down during those early launch days.

1. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa is no doubt a GOD THING.
You cannot have observed the events leading up to Sunday’s launch without sensing that God was up to something. Three years ago, our leadership started exploring this “crazy idea” of a multi-site church. Two years ago, the Northeastern Oklahoma Evangelizing Association expressed interest in partnering with us in a new work. One year ago, the Southside Christian Church approached us about using their facilities as a Cedar Ridge site. In the last year, one of our own “Timothys”, Bryan King, sensing God’s redirection agreed to serve as our Campus Minister. And don’t forget about the “Chair Challenge” Offering coming in at more than double what we needed.

2. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa has always been a TEAM THING.
Who is responsible for pulling this thing off (okay, besides God)? It wasn’t one person. I’m not sure you could narrow it down to ten. If you’re talking key leaders, it would be in the dozens. But it took a team of hundreds to make this happen. “Thank you” to all who helped with building renovations, fixed lunches for workers, passed out fliers, prayed regularly, planned our advertising, washed cars, participated in planning meetings, purchased a chair. And a special thanks to the former members of Southside Christian Church for their great sacrifice.

Cedar Ridge is truly one church, with multiple locations. One vision; one budget; one eldership; one staff.

3. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa is certainly a NEW THING.
On Launch Sunday, the air was heavy with anticipation. People arrived early (obviously not regular Cedar Ridge, Broken Arrow folk). There was an excitement that comes from being a part of something new. That’s the beauty of the multi-site church concept. You have the excitement and effectiveness of something new, along with the resources and leadership of something established. It’s the best of both worlds.

Congratulation Cedar Ridge on 6 months of being a church that is not only reproducing disciples, but reproducing leaders and reproducing churches!

In case you haven’t heard, our “Rippling Forward” Offering from Sunday came in at $50,150. That’s an amazing one-time display of generosity! Thanks you Cedar Ridge. I’ve already heard of several who were gone this past weekend or forgot, and are wondering if they can still participate. You can still give toward the Sapulpa parking lot and help us reach our $80,000 goal. Please get your gifts in as soon as possible so we can move ahead with construction.

223 Attend Sapulpa Launch Service

Tonight we had about 30 key leaders at our house celebrating the day’s events. These people were all instrumental in making our Sapulpa launch happen. Some were at the Sapulpa campus today. Many were at our BA campus fulfilling weekly responsbilities. It was fun to spend the evening sharing the fulfillment of a dream.

Here are some of the stories and comments shared:

223 in attendance.
30+ cars were parked on our overflow grass parking lot.
One young man rode his bicycle to church.
One visiting lady said that she had been waiting since December “for this church to open.”
Another lady came to find out “what was the big deal.”
Several leaders commented about there being an “anticipation in the air” as people arrived early.

For more on the Sapulpa launch, see Bryan’s comments on our gosapulpanow blog. It was exciting day for Cedar Ridge!

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