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Bryan has our GoSapulpaNow blog up and running. Check it out at for the lastest on our Sapulpa campus. Great job Bryan!

A Farewell

I spoke at the final worship service for the Southside Christian Church in Sapulpa this morning. Starting January 1st, the Southside congregation will no longer exist. They are giving their facilities to Cedar Ridge which will serve as the site for our Sapulpa Campus which will launch April 5th.

For many it was a sad ocassion. I met a charter member of the Southside Church who had been there since its beginning in 1959. Stories were shared of baptisms and building projects; revivals and previous ministers.

There was also this sense of excitement and expectancy…that God is getting ready to do something new. So for many, it was a celebration. We celebrated the influential legacy that Southside leaves behind. We celebrated the courageous decision to do something bold and risky so as to be more effective in helping people to know Christ. And we celebrated the bright future as we participate in this resurrection experience of giving new life to a church.

Next week, members of the former Southside Christian Church will begin worshiping at our BA campus. It will be quiet on the Sapulpa campus…for a time. But God will be at work…and new life will emerge in the Spring.

Cedar Ridge – Sapulpa in the Sapulpa Herald

Read the article from last week’s, Sapulpa Herald, entitled, “Southside Christian to Change Name”

Why Start a Church in Sapulpa?

A couple of Sundays ago, we gave some attention to our Sapulpa campus in our worship services. We handed out a brochure that answered some basic questions. We also officially introduced Bryan King, our Campus Minister. The next day I received this forwarded email from one of our members. She received it from her co-worker whom she had handed one of our Sapulpa Campus brochures.

After reading the Cedar Ridge brochure I noticed the location of the church will be just down the street from my house. I’ve been praying for nearly two years for God to lead me to the right church!!! God is so good!!!! I am so excited. Thank you so much…!!!

Sapulpa Campus & “Where did December Go?”

The first three weeks of December have flown by. It has been an incredibly busy time. Besides the normal busy-ness of the holidays, we added two new staff members. Bryan King, Sapulpa Campus Minister, and Robin Smith, Business Administrator began working with us December 1st. I’m excited to have them both on our team.

That same week, Brian Zehr, Campus Pastor with Community Christian Church and New Thing Network Coach, spent an intense two days with us planning and coaching us through the multi-site process. I’m certain Brian saved us some effort and heartache with his wise counsel.

I keep telling people it’s been one of the craziest seasons of ministry for me in in a long time, while at the same time, being one of the most fun. Things are really moving into high gear with our Sapulpa Campus. 100 days to launch and counting!

Cedar Ridge – Next Campus

Well our Multi-site Steering Committee met last night. Some exciting developments are taking place in our preparation to go mult-site. For those of you new to that discussion – Cedar Ridge, in partnership with the NOEA (Northeastern Oklahoma Evangelizing Association), is planning to start a new church work that would function as a satellite location of our current church family. It would be Cedar Ridge, just an additional location. The beauty if that is you have the excitement of something new but still one church, one leadership, and one budget.

Here’s the update…
Our Location Committee meets this Thursday night to start narrowing down the site possibilities. Right now we’re exploring the North Bixby area along Memorial, between 121st & 151st. The other area is the highway 51 corridor between the Creek Turnpike interchange and the new Walmart. If you know of a potential building or property in either of those areas, let me know. Please pray for this team as they work through this process.

Our Campus Minister Search Committee meets next Thursday. We’ve already received serveral resumes for this position. In a nutshell this person will have the primary responsibility for the preparation and presentation of the new location. Pray for this team as they search for a candidate to fulfill this role and partner with our current staff.

This idea of one church with multiple locations is still new for many folks. But it carries with it tremendous potential to touch people we might never reach. If you want to read more about it, go to or read Dave Ferguson’s blog, minister at Community Christian Church which is a multi-site independent Christian church.

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