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Kimber Serving as Senate Page

My daughter, Kimber, just got back home today, having served this week as a Page for the Oklahoma State Senate. She received an appointment from our own Senator Mike Mazzei. She had a great time, and learned a lot about our government process.
It has been a pleasure for me to get know Senator Mazzei by serving on his Pastors Counsel. I appreciate not only his strong faith, but his strong position reagarding our state being financially responsible. Senator Mazzei is currently the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

Congressman Sullivan’s Values Action Team

I’ve served the last couple of years on U.S. Congressman John Sullivan’s Values Action Team. This group meets a couple of times a year to discuss issues and legislation facing our state and nation, especially those affecting moral issues. It’s reassuring to know that there are elected officials at a federal level who still care about what God says on the issues. It was a privilege for me to pray over our Congressman today at the conclusion of our meeting. I’ve told him several times that I may not contribute much to the discussion, but I can pray hard. Keep Congressman Sullivan, his family, and his leadership duties in your prayers.

Chaplain at Oklahoma State Senate

I had a really neat opportunity this week – I served as the Chaplain for the Oklahoma State Senate. I was invited by my own Senator, Mike Mazzei. I’ve also had the privilege of serving on Senator Mazzei’s Pastor’s Council.

Senator Mazzei is doing a great job representing our district, using his gifts to help keep our state government fiscally responsible. He is also a man of faith. He and his family attend Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa.

As Senate Chaplain this week, I was reponsible for praying each morning as the session convened. Thursday morning I shared a devotion on King Rehoboam’s refusal to listen to the wise counsel of elders.

A couple of things I observed this week. . .In spite of political differences and the usual party lines, there seemed to be a real spirit of cooperation. The debates I witnessed were respectful and many times contained some playful levity. There also seemed to be a real openness to spiritual matters. It was refreshing to see at least one place in our government where the tradition of prayer is maintained, even requested by many.

Keep our government leaders in your prayers. The Bible says that they are God’s servants, doing His work. They are sacrificing their time, their families, their businesses. They’re also making some pretty significant decisions that have an impact on us all. Ask God to direct those decisions and protect their family relationships.