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Salutatorian Sings Her Speech

This is my talented and beautiful niece, Logan, at her graduation ceremony this past Saturday. She graduate from Summit Christian Academy and will be attending Manhattan Christian College with my daughter, Kimber next fall. Great job Logan!

“My name is Greg and I’m a controller”

Sunday, I talked about how followers of Jesus regularly put themselves into situations of desperation. Peter invited Jesus to ask him into an environment where it was out of his control and he was completely dependent. Being out of control is not something we often aspire to (especially for fathers of teen daughters), as shown in this great commercial.

Hunting in Nebrasa

Had a great time pheasant hunting in Nebraska last week with my boys (Tanner and Kyler). Stayed with some great folks from the Valley Christian Church in North Platte where my friend Brent Montgomery preaches. Thanks Brent for all your help.


On the family side…here’s our newest addition. She’s an eight week old English Setter, yet to be named. In this picture she’s working a quail wing in the front yard (for the non-hunter, quail is a game bird – and it tastes like chicken).

Kids Driving

So my last kid got her drivers license this past week. No, it wasn’t hard on me. Are you kidding? It was one of the best days of my life. No more taking to school, picking up from soccer practice, taking to church early, etc. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

After four kids, you do learn some things, though. The link below is the Driving Agreement that we have used with all of our children. It gave us an opportunity to sit down and talk very clearly about what we expected of them, if they wanted the privilege of driving. If you have kids about the driving age, I recommend something like this.


Kimber Serving as Senate Page

My daughter, Kimber, just got back home today, having served this week as a Page for the Oklahoma State Senate. She received an appointment from our own Senator Mike Mazzei. She had a great time, and learned a lot about our government process.
It has been a pleasure for me to get know Senator Mazzei by serving on his Pastors Counsel. I appreciate not only his strong faith, but his strong position reagarding our state being financially responsible. Senator Mazzei is currently the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

Dirty Jobs Series – Work with a Greater Purpose

I finished up our Dirty Jobs series today challenging our people to consider that there’s more to working then achieving the maximum pay level or best benefit package…that maybe God has something in mind for you at your job. Maybe he has you right where you are, right now, for some greater purpose than you’ve ever imagined. I talked about three areas to consider:
1. Work provides opportunities to live out Biblical standards.
2. Work provides opportunities for you to be generous and advance the kingdom.
3. Work provides opportunities to share your faith with others.

I closed with this quote, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” In a hundred years, what you did for a career and how much money you made will be forgotten…no on will care…you’ll be dead and gone. But what will last for eternity is the example and testimony of Jesus Christ that you shared with others while you worked. Are you working with a greater purpose?

How about my nephew, Bryant, on the sax belting out a little Huey Lewis and the News’, “Workin’ for a Livin'” before the message this morning?

Tanner Popped the Question

Our oldest son, Tanner, surprised his girlfriend, Abby, yesterday and asked her to marry him. Tanner was on duty at the station (He’s a firefighter in Bixby). As arranged, his shift drove the fire-truck to Abby’s business, A Brooke Salon, where they all went inside for this “unusual call.” Tanner came prepared with THE RING and roses in hand. He popped the question with customers and co-workers present. No oxygen was administered.

…she said yes.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Andrea and I spent the weekend at a soccer tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas with our daughter, Kimber. Not bad weather for end-of-January-first-of-February weekend. It did remind me of the “You Might Be a Soccer Parent if…” lines. Here are a few of my favorites. You might be a soccer parent if…
-All of your vacation time is taken up by soccer events.
-Your child’s “good shoes” are his newest soccer cleats.
-You have a strict rule about “no removing shin guards inside of the car.
-You look forward to Monday so that you can go back to work and relax.
-You own a 2-year-old SUV with 182,000 original miles.
-When someone asks you how old your child is, you respond, “She’s a 93.”

The tournament did give us a chance to get away and spend some time with our kids (our son, Kyler went too). We also got a chance to visit a cool church between games on Sunday, called The Summit Church. If you’re ever in Little Rock on a Sunday, I recommend it.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

My good friend, Dale Doty, with Christian Family Institute sent me this article appearing in Associated Content, by Sally Albright suggesting that the new year is a good time for couples to be reminded of some simple but powerful ways to strengthen their relationships. To that end, she presents her Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Couples:

#10: Exercise Together
Exercising together as a couple can make getting more exercise fun, and you and your spouse can truly have a “healthy” relationship.
#9: Cook Together
Cooking dinner together is a great way to spend time together.
#8: Play Games Together
Take the time to have some fun with your spouse by playing games together — especially in the colder winter months.
#7: The Little Things
Sometimes, it’s the littlest of things that really matter. Something as simple as setting the coffee machine to brew in the morning or opening the car door for your spouse can really show how much you care.
#6: Get Romantic
The types of romantic gestures you do really depends on what your spouse considers to be romantic, whether it be bouquets of flowers or cuddling together and watching a football game on TV.
#5: Listening
Truly listen. Keep in mind that your spouse isn’t always in search for answers and may not want to receive advice. They just want your ears all to themselves.
#4: Fewer Arguments
Make a New Year’s resolution to argue less. Pick your battles wisely. Most importantly, learn to compromise.
#3: Compliments
Taking the time to compliment your spouse shows them that you do still love them, you appreciate them, and you still find them attractive. Surprise your loved one with compliments during appropriate times, such as when they dress up for a dinner out, do a job well done, or the way they handled your child’s misbehavior.
#2: Dates
A little alone time with your spouse can be all that you need to feel reconnected with them. Having a special date night at the end of the week can give you and your loved one something to look forward to.
#1: Saying I Love You
Say it often, say it with meaning. A simple “I Love You” can melt someone’s heart


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