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Little Rock, Arkansas

Andrea and I spent the weekend at a soccer tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas with our daughter, Kimber. Not bad weather for end-of-January-first-of-February weekend. It did remind me of the “You Might Be a Soccer Parent if…” lines. Here are a few of my favorites. You might be a soccer parent if…
-All of your vacation time is taken up by soccer events.
-Your child’s “good shoes” are his newest soccer cleats.
-You have a strict rule about “no removing shin guards inside of the car.
-You look forward to Monday so that you can go back to work and relax.
-You own a 2-year-old SUV with 182,000 original miles.
-When someone asks you how old your child is, you respond, “She’s a 93.”

The tournament did give us a chance to get away and spend some time with our kids (our son, Kyler went too). We also got a chance to visit a cool church between games on Sunday, called The Summit Church. If you’re ever in Little Rock on a Sunday, I recommend it.