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You Calling me Fat?

Our challenge to eat on $2 a day has nothing to do with a diet. It has to do with people like you and me, who have an abundance of food at our disposal, identifying with the 2.7 billion people in our world who don’t. They don’t just eat on $2 a day – they live on it!

Just 2 days into it, though I’ve hardly gone hungry (and yes I went over $2 on Halloween night), I have noticed that eating for me is more than just satisfying a physical appetite. It’s almost a sport or hobby. Sometimes I eat, because I can…or because it’s there. Probably an indicator of an affluent society where food isn’t just for survival (and I’m not suggesting is that it is supposed to be only that). But $2 a day certainly limits the recreational factor of eating.

South Africa Video

Here is the video we played on Sunday with information about Paul and Micky Prince and their ministry, The Fold, in South Africa.

Can you eat on $2 a day or less?

Can you eat on $2 or less a day? That was the challenge we presented to our Cedar Ridge family yesterday. Some 2.7 billion people in the world do exactly that – in fact not only eat, but live on $2 a day. And almost a billion people around the world live on a $1 a day or less.

The purpose behind the challenge is not to save on your grocery bill so you can give it away (although not a bad idea). The purpose is simply to help us open our eyes to how much of the world lives. My prayer is that we will all experience a perspective change on how much we really need?

Here are the instructions we handed out yesterday at the end of services. $2 Challenge

Check back here as I’ll be journaling my experience this week.

Cedar Ridge Coweta Campus

Video we showed Sunday highlighting the Coweta Campus component of our Radical Faith Stewardship Journey.

More Tailgate Stuff

Getting the message out about our Radical Faith Stewardship Journey. Thanks Chuck Ulrich at Arbor Masters for letting us use the bucket truck!

Tailgate Party Pics

Here are a couple of pictures from our Radical Faith Tailgate Party at our BA Campus this past Sunday. Thanks guys for the great grillin’.

From the bucket truck

Harold bashing his van

What was the Big Announcement on Sunday?

For our Cedar Ridge family who missed it, this was the huge announcement.

Now it’s time to demonstrate Radical Faith!

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