South Africa Day 5

So we’ve had a few blog and internet issues keeping me from posting so I’m playing a little catch-up here…

Monday we worked on disassembling some playground equipment that had been donated to The Fold. We were able to transport some of it that day. There is a truck moving the rest in the morning. We will work on it tomorrow and prepare it for use at the Fold.

Monday night several of us were still adjusting to the time change and were awake the last half of the night.

Tuesday we were able to do some music with the kids, since they are out of school this week. We are doing some of the songs our Cedar Ridge kids will be doing next month in Music Camp. It’s amazing how much of the scripture songs the kids are remembering, even with their broken English.

Tuesday afternoon was a lot of fun for our group. We were able to go on a game drive at a local game farm. We saw many of the big African animals: rhino, eland, kudu, sable, zebra and giraffe. We were taking lots of pictures.

Today, besides playing and singing with the kids, we worked on several projects around The Fold compound. Several prepped and painted. I was the interior decorator and hung some curtains.

It’s been fun to have lots of conversations with Paul and Micky throughout the day; hearing of their vision for The Fold, listening to their disappointments and most of all catching their love and hope for the children of South Africa without a nurturing home life.

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  1. john bullio on June 28th, 2012

    God bless B safe.

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