This is day six of our teams trips to South Africa and we’re wrapping up our last full day at The Fold. It’s been a great day. We were able to finish moving and putting into place the playground equipment that we moved. The kids are already loving it as you can see in the pictures below.

Several of our team members finished a window trim painting project today. It really makes the front of the building look great.

We have been doing music with the kids every morning this week about 10:30 am. Because of our work projects, we weren’t able to do it at that time today. The kids asked us all day, “can we do music now?” Even the boys! They have had a great time. We brought out the rhythm sticks tonight and they had a ball.

Our team had a great time meeting with our global partners, Paul and Micky Prince tonight. I think they have been encouraged by our visit and we’re all sad we have to leave tomorrow.

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