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June 14, 2013

At the end of the Old Testament there is a period of 400 years often referred to as “the silent years.” Years without any prophets or leaders whose words or lives were recorded in Scripture. Years where there was no voice from God.

But before the silence Ezra read the word of God to the people. His desire was that they rebuild the wall around Jerusalem for protection and with the leadership of man named Nehemiah they accomplished the work in only 52 days. God’s greater desire was to rebuild the hearts of his people. The men, women and children gathered together. They heard the word. They understood the word. And then they did the word.

You can hear God’s voice in the same way these people did. Through his word. It’s his voice. When you hear it there will be a response. The Israelites in Nehemiah’s day wept. Others have repented. Still others have heard good news and rejoiced. More than building a wall, God is interested in building his people. And if you’ll listen to God through his word, it can rebuild your life.

God is still speaking today. You only need to gather open His Story and listen.

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