The SON Rising in Nortth Africa


I just returned a couple of days with our Cedar Ridge team from north Africa. We spent a week seeing the our Radical Faith dollars at work in the children physical therapy center, loving and encouraging our global partners, and praying for God’s spirit to be unleashed in a place deceived by Islam. You would be proud of our missionaries there. They are doing a great work in a dark place.

Having a change of pace and perspective is a good thing. This week I’ve been tweeting some of my trip thoughts while in north Africa. I thought I would recap them here in their original twitter form:

North Africa Trip Thought #1: Though they may be forgotten or unknown to us, God’s story includes people from every ethnicity on the planet.

North Africa Trip Thought #2: While there is spiritual darkness where Jesus is not known, it can be darker where Jesus is known & not followed.

North Africa Trip Thought #3: f I truly believe God is sovereign & unreached people R eternally lost w/o Jesus…then I don’t pray near enough.

North Africa Trip Thought #4: Our global partners who serve faithfully in difficult places with little reward are my biggest heroes.

North Africa Trip Thought #5: Gods at work drawing the unreached of the world to himself…and its gonna look different than how we view church.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of our trip with you. As I’m writing this our South Africa team is in the air on their way to The Fold. Pray that our team is encouraging to the Princes and the vulnerable children of South Africa.

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