A Response to the AIDS Pandemic

I met with our Missions Team last night to talk about a strategy for our church to help in combating the AIDS/HIV pandemic. It’s the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.” Bill Hybels shared at the 2006 Leadership summit, which most of our Elders and Staff attended. “Responding to this crisis is no longer an option for churches.”

The statistics are staggering:
• AIDS has killed almost 30 million people.
• Every day, 6,000 children are orphaned by AIDS.
• Every day, 8,000 people die from AIDS.
• Every day, another 11,000 are infected with AIDS.
• By the year 2015, 115 million will have died from AIDS and 35 million will be AIDS orphans.
• Africa has been hit harder by the HIV/AIDS virus than any other region of the world. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to over 70% of the total world HIV-positive population.
• AIDS leads to an early death for people in their most productive years who are needed to raise crops and families, teach school and care for the sick (facts from www.one.org)

So what are we going to do? Right now we’re discussing the possibility of me taking an exploratory trip with some other Senior Ministers to the Ivory Coast to see the ministry that Christian Missionary Fellowship has among those who have been affected by AIDS. We can then consider how Cedar Ridge can partner with CMF in a way that fits our church. There are lots of things churches can do: Orphan care, medical supplies, AIDS clinics, Education and prevention. The truth of the matter is we’re not doing anything right now. And according to Matthew 25, God is going to hold us accountable for how we treated the poor, the vulnerable, and the down and out. Pray about our church finding a significant role in this work.

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