The Story Conclusion


I have to say I’m a little sad that we have completed our latest series, The Story. For eight months we have walked through the main narrative of the Bible, one story at a time. And from that altitude we discovered that God’s Word is not just a collection of disconnected stories but in fact it is one complete story of God passionately pursuing his prized creation. From Genesis to Revelation God has been doing whatever it takes to get his people back.

For some of you, this study has changed your thinking about who God is. While God disciplines and administers justice, his motive has always been one of love for mankind. For some, you were able see the big picture of the Bible for the first time. You already knew the stories, but you weren’t sure how they all fit together. For others, the language of the upper story and lower story helped you make some sense out of life. While the lower story is what we see and feel, the truth is that there is a greater upper story that God is writing simultaneously. And the greatest mistake in life would be to trade an upper story adventure for a lower story reward.

So what do we do now as a result of having gone through The Story. At the end of our services Sunday, I suggested that you become a man or woman of God’s Word. That you take responsibility for your spiritual growth by becoming a student of The Story. Remember, you are more likely to grow spiritually in the kitchen than you are at the table. To help you with that, we handed out a bookmark that gives a simple Bible study plan that you can use with any passage or story from the Bible. Additional copies of those are available at all of our campuses.

The other thing you can do is to take every opportunity to share what you have learned with others. Bible learning was never meant to stop with us, but to be shared with others. Resist the temptation to be just a recipient of God’s Word and decide to be a distributor. The truth is that everyone can tell a bible story and through The Story you have been equipped to share it with others. I hope you’ll share The Story often.

If you missed the celebration service this past weekend, you can view a partial recording of my teaching here:

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