Unleashed for the Unreached

prayer wall

100 man hours is a precious commodity these days. That’s the approximate amount of human resources we spent praying in front of the Wall of Unreached Peoples last weekend. 100 hours of uninterrupted praying over the nearly 7000 unreached people groups of the world. You could accomplish a lot with that kind of time. Think about the impact we could have made with 100 volunteer serving hours? And there are certainly plenty of people we could have prayed for here at home? Why do what we did?

God has always directed his people with an “arrows out” mentality. He told the Israelites to, “bless the nations.” He told his church, “Go and make disciples.” Unfortunately, the default setting for most of us in “arrows in.” The Israelites were always more concerned about their own blessing. The early church was slow to spread the gospel until persecution forced the issue. It’s always easier to think of my church and my community and my country. Yet from the beginning of time God has always expressed a heart for all people and all nations. His dream is “every nation, tribe, people and language” (Revelation 7:9) represented before the throne.

We prayed because the Bible tells us it is the most effective thing a believer we can do. “When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works” (Charles Spurgeon). We prayed, focusing on the unreached people groups of the world, because that’s what growing Christians do; we begin
praying for the things that God wants. Instead of always praying for our needs and the physical health of our loved ones…instead of “arrows in” praying, maturing believers pray for the things God’s heart desires. Those are they prayers God loves to answer. That’s praying “God’s will be done.”

I loved hearing comments like these:
“I didn’t realize there were so many unreached in our world.”
“I was touched because the person before me was sobbing while they were praying.”
“I didn’t think I could pray for an entire hour but it seemed like it went so fast.”
My personal thanks to all who participated in our Unleashed for the Unreached prayer event. Thank you for being a people of prayer. And thank you for letting God develop within you a heart like his.

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