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We just finished our Cliche Christian series and Sunday we talked about how cliches are often used by us Christians as an excuse. We use them to make us sound better. We use them to appear more spiritual than we are. We use them because they’re easier. We use them as shortcuts. We use them so as not to be uncomfortable.

Sometimes we use cliches to excuse our sinning. “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.” While a true statement, it does not give us license to live as we want.

Sometimes we use cliches as an excuse for not doing. “I don’t feel called” or “that’s not my gift” can be just smokescreen for “I don’t want to help.” Serving and being useful are fundamental tenants of discipleship. Jesus has strong words for those who refuse to do the right thing and make themselves appear righteous doing it.

Sometimes we use cliches as an excuse for not thinking. It’s just easier to default to what “my church believes” or what “my Pastor says.” It’s easier to conclude “the bible settles it” than engage in a conversation about what the bible says. It’s easier to forward the email “proving the Bible once and for all” than it is to investigate the claims contained in it. Those situations just make Christians look foolish. They make us appear uneducated, uninformed and unprepared. When in fact the Bible calls us to just the opposite. It encourages believers to test all things, to weigh what we hear, to study, and always be prepared to give an answer. Don’t just accept everything you hear or read uncritically. Don’t outsource your faith!

Let’s not be content to be cliche Christians. That may be culturally acceptable. It may be majority approved. But God is looking to take you deeper than that. He wants an authentic relationship and authentic conversations with you. He desires a sincere faith within you. And sometimes he may just want you to be uncomfortable. Not resorting to overuse phrases and hollow platitudes, but completely dependent upon the Holy Spirit to work in and through you.

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