Please Come Home for Christmas

In our current series, Not Your Grandma’s Christmas Carol, we’ve been taking a look at some more recent Christmas tunes and using them to help us with some common holiday issues; dealing with disappointment and dealing with cultural consumerism. This past weekend we used the song, Please Come Home for Christmas, as a springboard to talk about dealing with family at the holidays.

One of the greatest stressors at Christmas time is family. Obnoxious relatives, strained relationships, past negative encounters and unrealistic expectations can make for a not-so-merry time. And while you can’t do anything about the rest of your family, you can do something about you. Sunday I encouraged you to try re-gifting to your family. Re-gift the things that you’ve already received from God as recorded in John 3:16. Re-gift unconditional acceptance. Re-gift self-sacrifice. Re-gift forgiveness. Re-gift a relational future.

We’re accustomed to giving “stuff” as Christmas gifts. Maybe this year you can give something to family that really matters. And it’s something that if you’re a follower of Christ, you already have. Just give it away.

If you missed last week’s message, Please Come Home for Christmas, you can view it here:

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