Jesus’ Mission Begins


In week two of our His Story series, we saw the initiation of Jesus’ ministry. And while there were no press releases or news conferences announcing this startup, there were some impressive statements made about who Jesus is. God the Father, John the Baptist, even Satan himself gave testimony of the fact that this was Jesus, the Messiah, the very Son of God.

Jesus wastes no time in revealing his true identify. He performs a miracle in Cana, changing water into wine. He runs the corrupt business dealers out of the temple. He has life-changing conversations with individuals (One resulting in an entire Samaritan village believing in him). His ministry is quickly in full swing.

In this series, we want you to know Jesus, not just know stories about him. And if there were any question about how you prepare your heart for that, John the Baptist cleared it up for us. He said that you make way for Jesus by repenting. To repent means to change your mind resulting in a change of behavior. More than just being sorry or regretful, it is a change of allegiances. If you want to personally know the Son of God, you start by coming over to his side and living you life his way.

I hope you’ll join us each week of “His Story.” If you missed Sunday’s message, you can view it here:

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