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It seemed everywhere Jesus went, someone was wanting Jesus to do something for them. They wanted him to perform a miraculous sign, heal their physical ailments and oh provide lunch too. And many times Jesus was moved out of compassion to do such things. While Jesus was happy to do things for people, it was clear in chapter three of His Story, that Jesus wants so much more than that. He wants more than just to do something FOR you, he wants to do something IN you.

In Luke 4, Jesus is in the synagogue of his home town where the people “spoke well” of him. But when he refused to perform miracles to their liking, they literally ran him out of town. As if to say, “if you’re not going to do something for us, then we refuse to believe in you.” That’s not too far removed from some people I’ve come across. If Jesus isn’t going to do something for them (fix their financial mess, reconcile their marriage, or heal a loved one) then they will show their disapproval by refusing to believe in or have anything to do with that kind of Jesus.

But Jesus wants more than just to do something for you. He’s interested in doing something in you. He’s more interested in you carrying-on a relationship with him. He’s more interested in you accepting his revolutionary message. He’s more interested in your heart conforming to his. He’s more interested in your experiencing good news that he brings freedom and cancellation of your sin debt. In fact, Jesus wants to do something in you so that he can do something through you.

Jesus told his new disciples that he wanted their help in literally “taking lives captive.” And they left their boats and their books behind and followed him. While you may not be called to leave your vocation behind, every follower of Jesus is called to let Jesus work through you; to let him speak through you. We are called to deliver his message, to demonstrate his mercy, to tell his story.

Are you letting Jesus do something through you? Maybe first and foremost the question is: Have you let Jesus do something in you?

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