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At one point during Jesus life on earth, crowds were flocking to Jesus to hear his revolutionary teaching and see him perform miraculous healings. It wasn’t just the power of Jesus that was so amazing. It’s that he was willing to use that power on a category of people that were considered untouchable.

Last weekend we talked about his compassion toward the widow who lost her one and only son. We read about his tenderness directed to a chronically sick and relationally-isolated woman. We heard about forgiveness being offered to an embarrassingly immoral woman. And the life-altering mercy he offered the demoniac outcast.

And we heard about Jesus being amazed…twice. In fact, the only two times that it is recorded in the gospels. What amazed Jesus? In both instances it had to do with faith. He was amazed at the trust of a Roman centurion. Simply put, this man had a confidence in Jesus that evidently was a rare exception. It wasn’t his scriptural knowledge or his religious acts that impressed Jesus. It was his big faith. It was his extraordinary confidence in Jesus that was noteworthy.

While Jesus was amazed at the faith of an outsider, he was also amazed at the unbelief of insiders, those from his own hometown. They refused to accept him. They recognized him as “the carpenter,”…”Mary’s son,” and they “took offense” at him. And we’re told that because of their unbelief that Jesus was somehow limited in his capacity to perform miracles.

What would Jesus have to say about your faith? Amazed at your confidence in him? Or amazed at your unbelief? Just as we’ve talked repeatedly that there’s a difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus. There’s also a difference between believing in Jesus and believing Jesus. Many claim to “believe in” him. They accept his historicity. They agree with his teaching. But they’ve don’t trust him for the way they live their lives. A good question to consider is this – is my confidence in God increasing?

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