Halfway Through His Story


It’s so easy for religions to focus on external behavior. I guess that’s why so many do. It’s the easier thing. It doesn’t matter what brand of religion it is, the idea is this – If you perform these acts of piety and don’t engage in these evils, then you’re in. Without trying to be too simplistic, that sums up many of the major world religions.

While that unfortunately may be how many Christians practice their faith, that is a far cry from what Jesus intended. He has always been more concerned with the interior condition of our hearts. Faith in Jesus is a heart matter. In fact, Jesus corrected the thinking of the Jewish religion leaders of his day because they thought righteousness started with the hands and moved to the heart. Jesus told them they had it backwards. It starts with the heart and culminates with the hands. Jesus is far more concerned about who you’re becoming than what you’re doing. When the heart is right, your actions follow. But when you’re heart isn’t right and you try to make your actions right, you’re just being a hypocrite (according to Jesus). Jesus certainly wants us to do right thing. He just wants it to be the result of a right heart.

Don’t fall for spiritual short cuts. It may be easier to put on a spiritual band-aid. But what Jesus wants to do is major heart surgery. Let him do that and he will change you from the inside out.

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  1. JILL McKINNEY on March 28th, 2014

    THANK YOU cedar ridge leaders !!!
    we are ready to study “the story”.
    I have been blessed by your video on the website re: “HIS STORY”. jill
    Lakeview Christian in Mannford

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