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We had a great Easter with a total of 1270 people attending at our three campuses. I appreciate all the volunteers that facilitated the increase. Thank you for going the extra mile. My thanks to those who shared, by video, how the empty tomb had changed their lives. That was a great testimony of God’s faithfulness.

I love talking about the resurrection of Jesus. You might think that after hearing the story all my life and teaching it for 25 plus years that it could be a little routine. I suppose there is always that danger for us church-lifers. But for me, it seems like every year I learn something new about what that empty tomb means.

If Jesus could accurately predict his death and resurrection. And then actually pull it off…! Then it’s really no problem for me to believe him when he calls himself the Son of God. Or tells me that he is the only way to God. Because of the empty tomb, it’s no problem for me to believe that what he says about life is true. While it may seem counter-intuitive to seek generosity over receiving, serving as the way to greatness, forgiving people who have offended me, etc. None of those are any more incredible to believe than a resurrection. And so Jesus becomes the only one qualified to talk about life after death, because he experienced it and conquered death. When Jesus tells us that he is the resurrection and the life and that if we believe in him we’ll live forever, because of the empty tomb that promise is authenticated and guaranteed.

The resurrection is personal. It was the resurrection that sent those early followers into the streets. What set them apart was they believed that Jesus had risen from the death. And they had seen him and touched him and eaten with him. And within a couple hundred years the very empire that had executed Jesus and persecuted the early followers found that Christianity had become their primary belief system. Amazing! The question remaining? What does the empty tomb mean to you?

If you missed the Easter Sunday message, Jesus is Alive, you can view it here:

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