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We started a brand new series this past weekend called, Our Story. It’s the story of us, followers of Jesus Christ. It’s the story of the church as recorded in the New Testament book of Acts. In this series, we’ll investigate the story of the early church, one story at a time. And it’s a pretty amazing story!

This past Sunday we covered Acts chapter one, which serves as an introduction and outline for the rest of the book. Jesus promised that his disciples would be filled with the Holy Spirit and would empower them to be his witnesses (Acts 1:8). So here is my take from the opening story:
Jesus followers doing what he told them to PLUS the Holy Spirit showing up EQUALS Our Story.

Throughout the rest of the book of Acts there is this single-minded vision of sharing the story with people who were lost and had not yet heard it. Granted, the Holy Spirit had to occasionally kick the church in the pants with some persecution. Still yet there is this Holy Spirit outward focus on the part of those early Christians that cannot be missed.

If you missed Sunday’s message you can view it below. If you don’t listen to me, you owe it to yourself to here Jason and Kari Featherngill’s story included in the video.

Remember to follow along in your bible with the Our Story reading guide. I hope you had a chance to read Acts chapter one this week on your own. To get more out of your bible reading, ask two simple questions when you’re done: What is the Holy Spirit trying to say to me? What am I going to do in response to what I have read?

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