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Sunday was “All In” Sunday and it was a great day across our campuses! Nine people were baptized. 21 people joined the church. Others connected with a small group or volunteered to contribute in an area of ministry. Thank you to all those who went “all in” with us. And thank you to those who are already “all in.”

It was also week two in Our Story. We studied the second chapter of Acts which covers the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit shows up in a big way! Followers who were hiding in fear for their lives are now bold public witnesses. Disciples are miraculously speaking in languages they’ve never studied. Peter, the fisherman is transformed into Peter, the evangelist. Not to mention the huge response at the end of Peter’s sermon when 3,000 people repent and are baptized.

While those were extraordinary happenings, what’s even more noteworthy to Luke, the author, is that when the Holy Spirit shows up, the church leaves the building. Quite literally, they went from inside to outside when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. But something even more dramatic takes places within the hearts of these early Christ-followers; they start becoming outward focused.

Maybe it was the inclusive language of the prophecy from Joel, Peter referenced in his sermon. Maybe it was the representation of Jews “from every nation” that make up that Pentecost audience. Or maybe the Holy Spirit was stirring-up compassionate, evangelistic hearts to mobilize the early church. Whatever it was, we know that just one story into the Holy Spirit’s role in Our Story, his purpose wasn’t to simply fill-up the believers so they could feel warm and fuzzy about their faith. His purpose was to enable them to advance the gospel. And we’re off to a great start when you come to the end of Acts 2.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, because the Holy spirit is in you, it’s in your DNA to make disciples. It’s in your DNA to be outwardly focused. You don’t have to convert people or change their hearts. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job. You just have to leave the church building and speak into the lives of people who aren’t yet a part of the story.

The message from Our Story week 2 is available below or here. Included in the video is Ashley’s moving story of how Cedar Ridge people made themselves available and the Holy Spirit showed up in her life in a big way.

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