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It’s hard to believe we’re eight weeks into Our Story. We left off last Sunday in Acts 9 with an unexpected twist in the plot. Saul, chief persecutor and public enemy number one of the church has a personal encounter with Jesus. This divine appointment left his life transformed and his future reshaped. He went from church-hater to church leader, from murderer to messenger, from just Saul to the Apostle Paul.

There’s only one explanation for that kind of happening – the grace of God. In fact, you could describe grace as an unexpected twist in the plot. Grace, by definition, is undeserved. It’s unfair. It’s unreasonable. And it’s the one thing the church has to offer that can’t be found anywhere else. We are saved by grace. We are forgiven because of grace. We are loved by God because of grace. You can’t do enough good to earn it. And you can’t have done enough bad to be exempt from it. It is truly good news and it’s the message of the church. It’s what we have to offer. It’s our story!

But it doesn’t end there. God uses people to grace people. God takes people who have experienced his amazing grace and he intersects their lives with those who desperately need grace. Without Ananias being obedient to God and courageously meeting with Saul; without Barnabas risking his reputation to introduce Saul to the Apostles in Jerusalem, the story might not have had the same outcome. Think of it this way – how many Pauls have been lost because there was no Ananias? Or because there was no Barnabas?

Who in your life is in need of some grace right now? Who needs a second chance? Who needs someone to believe in them. Maybe God wants to use you this week to grace someone. You might be the only place they can find it.

If you haven’t watched week 8 of Our Story, make sure you catch it right here before this Sunday.

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