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In chapter10, we have the longest running narrative in the book of Acts. Luke, the author, dedicated a lot of text to this story because it was important to him personally. It is also a pivotal moment in Our Story as the gospel is finally going to reach a non-Jewish audience. In Acts 10, the Holy Spirit opens wide the door of salvation to a previously overlooked crowd. It is the story of the first Gentiles becoming a part of Our Story, the church. While it was nothing new in God’s playbook, those early disciples were just beginning to see God’s inclusion of the Gentiles as the Holy Spirit prompted them to connect with this unreached people group.

This story was personal for the Apostle Peter because he had to overcome barriers that he (and others) had created between himself and “those people.” Gentiles ate the wrong food, were uncircumcised and unclean. What’s a good Jewish boy to do? The Lord told Peter, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” In other words, quit excluding things (and more importantly, people) that God has created.

So we posed three questions to help make some personal application from this story:
1. What artificial religious markers have you established? Filters that you have used to judge people? Like…Do they dress appropriately? Do they go to church (at the frequency I deem appropriate)? Do they have a tattoo? Do they pray before meals?
2. Who have you written off? Which people don’t even seem to be on your radar? The happy-hour party crowd, the sexually broken, the Muslim community, parents with kids in DHS custody, an unreached people group in a place you’ve never heard of.
3. What would it take for God to move you? What would need to happen for you to cross that boundary and love those people? A Peter-like revelation from God, a visit from an angel, persecution because of your faith?

God does not show favoritism. And neither should we. Our Story is about people developing a heart like God’s. And loving people like God. And partnering with God to make sure as many as possible are included in his forever family. If you’re a believer, don’t miss the big picture. Don’t get caught up in trivial pursuits and miss the big news – God loves the world!

If you missed this message from last week, you can watch it here:

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