Outliers week one

As a Christian, do you ever feel like an outlier? An outsider? Like you just don’t fit it? It can feel like our culture is becoming increasingly indifferent, even hostile to Christianity. We started a new series this past weekend on how we should respond when it feels like how we live and what we believe is the minority. And by all accounts, while we may not face intense persecution, Christianity at the least is becoming more marginalized.

The audience the Apostle Peter was writing to in his New Testament letter was facing that and more. He addresses them as “exiles,” someone who is passing through. When we look at life through that lens – that it’s temporary, it’s not home, – it changes our attitude, and our response. In fact Peter says we have a living hope, an inheritance in heaven which can never perish, spoil or fade, and it ought to translate into a level of joy for believers. Our hope isn’t in the right person being elected to office. Our hope isn’t in the right laws being passed. Our hope isn’t in the right decisions being judged. Our hope is in the right person, Jesus Christ, who will one day return and make all things right.

If you missed the message the opening message for our series, Outliers, you can view it here or at cedarridgecc.com.

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