Outliers Conlusion


We concluded our Outliers series from the book of 1 Peter last Sunday. We’ve been answering the question: How do followers of Jesus respond to a culture where we are increasing becoming the minority? In week four we talked about the challenge of being prepared and prayerful.

Over and over again, Peter warns his readers to be prepared for the hostility that will come. “So then, since Christ suffered physical pain, you must arm yourselves with the same attitude he had, and be ready to suffer, too” (1 Peter 4:1 NLT). Unfortunately, there have been many people who have ascribed to another gospel than the one the bible speaks of where Christians actually struggle. It’s been termed Moral Therapeutic Deism. It’s defined as worshiping a creator god who blesses people who are good, nice and fair and helps believers be happy and feel good about oneself. Nothing about suffering or pain. God’s purpose is only to be here for your convenience and to make life better.

Not only does Peter refute that. He adds that there is blessing when we’re insulted (1 Peter 4:14). We should be glad when we suffer because it partners us with Christ (1 Peter 4:13). Why would we expect anything else?

You can look around at the increasingly hostile culture around us and cry “foul” and bemoan the church is losing ground. Or like Ed Stetzer, you can see, “the church isn’t dying off. It is just being more clearly defined.” And that’s not a bad thing.

If you missed week 4 or any of the messages from our Outliers series, you can view below or at cedarridgecc.com.

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