30 Second Theology week one

We launched a new series this past weekend called, 30 Second Theology. It’s about the messages we receive from commercials and advertising. While we may not overtly believe those messages, our lifestyles sometimes make it look like we do.

“Obey your Thirst” has been around for about 20 years marketing the soft drink, Sprite. The message implied is that one’s thirst, hunger or passion always has to be fulfilled. We can’t help but obey our instincts; it’s human nature and inevitable.

Genesis 25 records the story of Esau, whose life reveals the fallacy of the “obey your thirst” mentality. Esau came in from the outdoors, maybe from a long hunt, and was famished. He needed to eat, now! His twin brother had stew on the stove (or the campfire) and they made a deal; Esau’s birthright for a bowl of Jacob’s stew. Esau gave up future finances, family authority and God’s blessing for an appetite that would return in just a few hours. Who would do something like that? Well, we all would if the right appetite comes along. The choice is, you can cave in to an appetite that will keep coming back OR when those appetites come, you can consider what future is at stake and refrain. Don’t give up your preferred future to obey a simply thirst today.

If you missed this message, you can view it below or at cedarridgecc.com.

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