Yesterday in my sermon, I referred to a news story titled, Michigan Postal Worker Hoarded Thousands of Pieces of Mail Instead of Delivering Them. Evidently, Jill Hull didn’t deliver all the mail she was supposed to; she put some of it in a personal storage unit.

It’s hard for us to imagine the employees at a post office not doing the very thing they’re supposed to do – deliver the mail. It’s their job! That’s what they’re supposed to do! But it’s not just a problem in post offices, it happens in businesses, and offices, and classrooms, and even churches. It happens when people lose sight of the vision. If we don’t regularly remind ourselves of what we’re about and where we’re headed, we can find ourselves sleepy and distracted and sometimes even doing things contrary to our calling.

So yesterday was a reminder that Cedar Ridge is about creating safe environments where anyone can come to Christ, where everyone can experience community, and you can make a difference. We shared testimonies and showed videos of God accomplishing that. Our leadership shared goals for the upcoming year. Of course, one of our major initiatives is the launching of our Sapulpa Campus.

At the end of our service, I asked our people to commit to helping with the Sapulpa Campus launch by taking a step of action. I gave several options. And our church responded incredibly!
Dozens committed to going and being a part of our launch team.
Over 150 agreed to pray on a weekly basis.
Around 50 committed to help with building renovations.
40 offered to help pass our informational fliers.
120 indicated a desire to help with the purchase of chairs for the new campus.

One person found me after services and handed me a check to cover the cost of five chairs, with this explanation: “This past week, someone gave us some money we really weren’t expecting and we didn’t know what to do with it…until you mentioned the need for chairs this morning. Then we knew what it was for.”

Lots of people took a risk and stepped out of the boat Sunday. I can’t wait to see the miracle that God is going to do.

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