A “Win” with our Kids

In our staff meeting each Monday morning, we often report, from our indiviual ministries, some highlights from the previous Sunday events. Vicky Cope, our Director of Children’s Ministries, shared this week that over the last three months, the kids in our Junior Worship area had been earning “Big City Studio bucks” for things like attending church, bringing a Bible, bringing a friend, etc. This past Sunday was a celebration and the “Big City Studio Store” was open. The kids could use their “bucks” to purchase certain items.

Vicky was a little emotional as she told us that she witnessed several of her kids offering (without any prompting) some of their “bucks” to kids who were new and not yet had a chance to receive any “bucks.” She also told about how she observed one of the boys using almost all of his “bucks” to purchase a Bible from the “store.” She thought this a little strange since she knew that he had his own Bible which he had received after his baptism. When she asked him about it, his response was, “I bought this for my friend who doesn’t go to church.”

Wow! The children in our Kids Zone our getting it. Thanks all you leaders and volunteers in this area. You are making a difference!

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