In the Kiamichis

Just got back from the Kiamichi Men’s Clinic a couple of weeks ago. Every year, my son, Kyler, and I, along with my brother and his two boys, meet my dad and nephew in the Kiamichi mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Several hundred men and boys (maybe more) camp out on “Christ’s 40 Acres” for several days of old-fashioned preaching, southern-gospel music, good fellowship with guys like Joe Wilson, Alan Dunbar, Marvin Phillips, and a whole bunch of story-swapping. The Pittman camp has added to the schedule some fishing and lots of ATV trail-riding (I’m really sorry about splashing water with my 4-wheeler on Ozark Christian College president, Matt Proctor at the low-water bridge).

Why do we go? Maybe it’s tradition. I’ve gone to the “Kiamichis” since I was kid. Maybe it’s just a great get-away with our boys? Maybe it’s a chance to slow down. Could be the “real man meets wilderness” thing. I don’t know, but I’m planning on be back next year.

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  1. Jeany Shawver on April 2nd, 2009

    I don’t know where you are from but this was great to hear about your “tradition”. My dad has gone and taken my brother since he was 3 or 4. Now my brother is taking him along with his sons and my son. Us girls and mom used to get out of school and go along an spent the week at my great aunt and uncle that lived close to Christ’s 40 acres. We have some great memories.I love it that my son is being able to make memories. He is 17 and has been going for several years also.

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