North American Christian Convention

Just got back from the NACC in Kansas City. What a great convention. If you’re not familiar with it, this is not like any church convention you’ve heard about. There’s no debating and voting on issues. This is simply a gathering of Christians who meet for worship, preaching, and fellowship. There was a special “New Church Work” emphasis to everything that was exciting. At the last main session, Bob Russell shared about over 200 churches that have been planted in the last few years. In fact, a brand new church was left behind in Kansas City as a result of the NACC. Besides my brother, Harold, we were glad to have some other good friends from Cedar Ridge also able to attend: Tony & Debbie Holmes, Murry & Jill Syfert, David & Beverly Powell, Johnny & Esther Custer, Don & Velva Jo Johnson, Anthony & Amber Sherrell, Monty Johnson, and Mark & Sandi Ellard. Consider joining us next year in Cincinatti, July 1-4.

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