Wednesday at the NACC

The main session speakers at the NACC were great this morning!

Rick Rusaw, Senior Minister at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO spoke on the Good Samaritan from Luke 10. His question approaching the text was, “what makes a good neighbor?” His observations:
1. He saw the man in need.
2. He got his hands dirty.
3. He was inconvenienced.
4. He befriended the person.
5. He gave his money.
Rick encouraged churches to engage and serve the community in which they are in and only then will they get an opportunity to influence people.

Chuck Booher is Senior Minister at Crossroads Christian Church in Corono, CA. He reminded us that if we’re people of grace…
1. We have to cross racial barriers.
2. We have to cross international borders.
3. We have to cross generational boundaries.

I saw some people from Cedar Ridge today. Randy and Linda Beeson at the main session this morning. Kevin Shahan just stopped by my room. I heard Tony and Debbie Holmes are here, but haven’t seen them yet. I’m enjoying spending some time with my dad.

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