The Management of Resources

Sunday I preached from Matthew 25, The Parable of the Talents. Borrowing an outline from the preaching team at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, I talked about how …
God has generously entrusted you with His resource so be grateful.
God does not evenly distribute His resources so be content.
God will hold you accountable for His resources so be intentional.

At the end of the sermon, random people in the audience received different amounts of money in an envelope. I asked them to use this money to creatively invest in the kingdom somewhere outside this church and their family. Their only instructions were:
Pray first, asking God for wisdom and opportunity.
Do something with the money this week (e.g. assist with a pressing financial need; buy a meal for someone who is hungry; buy gas for someone who has run out; help with a kingdom issue that concerns you)
And report back within 10 days to me.

I’m anxious to hear some of the stories. Hopefully this project will help us all understand our role as manager a little more. Here’s one email I received after the sermon:

After the sermon today, when there were a few envelopes passed out, I had that typical human reaction. At first my ego said that I wanted to be one who got to have the envelope. Then I was glad that I didn’t get one because I was afraid that I wouldn’t do a good enough job as a steward of that money (at least good enough to get mentioned in a sermon as creative and good hearted) (I know, sad). Then the real lesson kicked in. God already has entrusted me each week with many times as much as was in any of those envelopes and of course, more important than the notice of people is that God notices how I steward that money.

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