Report on Talent Money Give-a-way

A couple of weeks ago I was preaching about managing resources God has entrusted to us. at the end of the message several people in both of our services open envelopes containing different sums of money. The instructions were simple – steward God’s money outside the church walls. And they did. Here are some of the reports I received back:

I prayed for God to lead me to a person who truly needed this money…I had no idea what to do with the money. I happened to mention in a meeting at work that our church was doing this and a co-worker in the meeting proceeded to tell me about a situation that she knew of that could really use the money…I know that my pray was answered and the money went to a family who truly needed it. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an act of love and kindness.D.S.

We were out & about one day when we saw a young man walking along 169 Hwy. We had seen a car pulled off on the side just a ways back so we stopped to see if he needed a ride to a service station…he ran out of gas & did not have any money to get more…We took him to the service station & got him some gas, went back to his car, and thenfollowed him back to the service station were he got the rest of the $20. in gasoline. We then took him to a local restaurant and bought him some soup & sandwich. Hopefully we did some good and the Lord will work in him. C.H. & S.S.

I prayed about it and it was on my mind all week. The person that I kept thinking about was lady from school. I don’t know her very well, but I know she is a single parent of an eleven year old boy and she moved in with her mom, so she can go through this nursing program…On Friday we were eating our lunches in the break room. I heard her say how tight money is and again how stressed she is. After I saw her leave the room I caught up with her and told her I had something I wanted to give her. I handed her the folded up bill and told her to use it for her and her boy. She didn’t want to accept it at first, but I said, Please take it, and she did. G.P.

We are helping…a blind school in Africa that only goes 1/2 a day because they can’t afford to feed them or give them school supplies. My son’s 4th grade class raised enough school supplies for every student to have a notebook and two pencils. The down side is the postage is $200. So thank you for this lesson on using Gods money. It really made my whole family think. I got them in on it and we were all praying. When the note came home from school that postage money was needed we all thought that is what we should do. A.M.

Here’s an email I received the day we handed out money. It contains the real lesson:

After the sermon today, when there were a few envelopes passed out, I had that typical human reaction. At first my ego said that I wanted to be one who got to have the envelope. Then I was glad that I didn’t get one because I was afraid that I wouldn’t do a good enough job as a steward of that money…Then the real lesson kicked in. God already has entrusted me each week with many times as much as was in any of those envelopes and of course, more important than the notice of people is that God notices how I steward that money. C.F.

Amen! Thanks for all who invested wisely. And thanks for all who reported back to me. Wish I could have included them all.

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