Cedar Ridge – Sapulpa Celebrates 6 Months

March 22, 2009 will go down as a defining moment for our church; the day we held our first service at our Sapulpa Campus – the day we reproduced. I can’t think of too many things I would desire more for the church in which I pastor, than for it to give birth. On our six-month anniversary of that event, let me share some thoughts I wrote down during those early launch days.

1. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa is no doubt a GOD THING.
You cannot have observed the events leading up to Sunday’s launch without sensing that God was up to something. Three years ago, our leadership started exploring this “crazy idea” of a multi-site church. Two years ago, the Northeastern Oklahoma Evangelizing Association expressed interest in partnering with us in a new work. One year ago, the Southside Christian Church approached us about using their facilities as a Cedar Ridge site. In the last year, one of our own “Timothys”, Bryan King, sensing God’s redirection agreed to serve as our Campus Minister. And don’t forget about the “Chair Challenge” Offering coming in at more than double what we needed.

2. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa has always been a TEAM THING.
Who is responsible for pulling this thing off (okay, besides God)? It wasn’t one person. I’m not sure you could narrow it down to ten. If you’re talking key leaders, it would be in the dozens. But it took a team of hundreds to make this happen. “Thank you” to all who helped with building renovations, fixed lunches for workers, passed out fliers, prayed regularly, planned our advertising, washed cars, participated in planning meetings, purchased a chair. And a special thanks to the former members of Southside Christian Church for their great sacrifice.

Cedar Ridge is truly one church, with multiple locations. One vision; one budget; one eldership; one staff.

3. Cedar Ridge Sapulpa is certainly a NEW THING.
On Launch Sunday, the air was heavy with anticipation. People arrived early (obviously not regular Cedar Ridge, Broken Arrow folk). There was an excitement that comes from being a part of something new. That’s the beauty of the multi-site church concept. You have the excitement and effectiveness of something new, along with the resources and leadership of something established. It’s the best of both worlds.

Congratulation Cedar Ridge on 6 months of being a church that is not only reproducing disciples, but reproducing leaders and reproducing churches!

In case you haven’t heard, our “Rippling Forward” Offering from Sunday came in at $50,150. That’s an amazing one-time display of generosity! Thanks you Cedar Ridge. I’ve already heard of several who were gone this past weekend or forgot, and are wondering if they can still participate. You can still give toward the Sapulpa parking lot and help us reach our $80,000 goal. Please get your gifts in as soon as possible so we can move ahead with construction.

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