Kids Home from Mexico

Well, my two younger kids, Kyler and Kimber, got home from Mexico over the weekend. They had been in Juarez, Mexico along with 60 other young people and sponsors from Cedar Ridge participating in a short-term mission trip. Their agenda was to build two homes for two different families in partnership with Amor Ministries.

The trip was successful. The homes were finished. Students returned safely. Experiences were shared. But my prayer is that seeds were planted. Maybe future missionaries in our group of high schoolers…maybe future church leaders growing up inside a newly provided home…Maybe future kingdom citizens from the neighborhood children that were watching and wondered why…?

I’m glad my kids are home. Andrea and I missed them (although we did enjoy a quiet house for the week). We hugged them a long time. We got their clothes cleaned, sort of. We listened to their stories. We’re glad they’re back. But I hope there’s a part of them that stayed in that distance place. I hope no matter what they do in life that they’ll always have a heart for people who are far from God, and often far from home.

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