Church is a Verb

What do you think about the following statement? The church isn’t called to simply be a gathering place, but to be an action-oriented group of believers who recognize their role in God’s redemptive plan of this world and willingly participate in it. I love the idea of associating church with movement. After all, that’s real Christianity. It’s not so much a religion as it is a movement. It is action-oriented. James 2:17, “…faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about in our current series, Church is a Verb. There are actions we must be about as the Body of Christ; to celebrate…to connect…to contribute. Sunday I talked about the idea of celebrating in worship using King David as our model who said unashamedly, “I will celebrate before the Lord” (2 Samuel 6:21 NIV). In his celebration, David was recognizing God’s activity, he was respecting God’s holiness and he was appreciating God’s presence. He worshiped God passionately. He worshiped God physically. He worshiped God humbly. May we do the same each Sunday morning as we come together to celebrate. If you missed Sunday’s sermon, you can always go back and listen anytime at

Would you pray for our Staff and Elders this weekend? We have invited a church consultant to come in and help us think ahead and plan for the future of Cedar Ridge. That is not something our leadership takes lightly and we covet your prayers.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday.

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