Rich Toward God Conclusion


Sunday, we finished our Rich Toward God series and I could almost sense the relief. Our oldest son, Tanner, called his mom last week (He gets my weekly email, but attends church elsewhere with his wife) and said, “Tell Dad he better quit always talking about giving in his emails or people will think that’s all the church talks about.”

That’s certainly been our focus the last four weeks. Thank you to those who read along in our accompanying book. Thank you to those who discussed the material in their Journey Groups or other settings. And thank you to those who made commitments at the end of our series. Many committed to start tithing. Many committed to increase their giving beyond the tithe. I’m looking forward to how God will provide for those who trust him.

If you missed any or all of the Rich Toward God sermons, you can always go back and listen anytime at

Some of the questions people have before they contribute to any organization are such: Are the leaders of the organization trustworthy and have they shown themselves to be good stewards? Can I be confident that the money I give is not being misused or misappropriated? So I asked Robin Smith, our Business Administrator, to give me just a quick list of things that Cedar Ridge does to assure financial accountability.

• While our Business Administrator deals with the day-to-day finances, our appointed Treasurer (also an Elder) provides oversight and accountability.
• Separate personnel complete each step of the accounting process (count offerings, post giving, issue checks).
• The counting of offerings is always done as a team.
• Church expenditures are reviewed by more than one person.
• All expenditures require receipt or documentation.
• A recent in-house audit was performed with positive results.
• Monthly financial statements are always available to any member upon request.

I might also add that no staff member (other than our Business Administrator) including myself, nor Elder (other than our treasurer) has access to giving records or knowledge of what any individual gives. We teach it. We encourage it. We expect it of our members. But ultimately, what you give is between you and God. We trust that you will be rich toward him.

Sunday, I start a new series called, The Story of Everything. In this series we’ll look at some of the fundamental beliefs of our church understanding that they are really just a part of a big story that is unfolding through eternity. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

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