Finish Line Faith

When we talk about mission at Cedar Ridge, we talk about being a place where anyone can find Christ. And though I’m sure we have plenty of room to grow in the areas of acceptance and sharing our faith, there’s no doubt that we have been in a season of increased spirit movement and individual response. Do you realize we have had baptisms every Sunday since Easter? For seven consecutive Sundays, people have been obedient to Jesus, died to themselves, been raised from that watery grave to experience new life in Jesus Christ. Would you keep praying for God’s spirit to move and for people to respond during the invitation and for the baptismal waters to be continually stirred?

Some of you have asked about the free memory verse mobile app I mentioned this past Sunday. Bible Memory Verses by Woody Hays is what I downloaded and have recently used. There are others to choose from. The context of that free commercial was when I was talking about two things you need to finish: You need to surround yourself with good people and you need to fill yourself with the Good Book. One of the ways you fill up on God’s Word is to commit some of it to memory. This app is just a convenient way to help you do so. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the sermon on Sunday,go to

We wrap up our Finish Line Faith series from 2 Timothy this week. We’ll look at the fourth chapter of this letter from Paul and see his final words to Timothy to finish strong. Why not read the final chapter in preparation for Sunday.

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