Back from Sabbatical

So I just finished my first week back on the job after a three month sabbatical. Sunday was a great reunion with our church family. It was good to be back. I enjoyed preaching again. It was fun to reconnect with people. It was especially encouraging to find that I still had a job upon my return.

I am really blessed to be a part of a church like Cedar Ridge. I realize that sabbatical breaks are a novelty among many churches, even among those with long-serving ministers. That is unfortunate.

Allowing a minister to break away from his regular responsibilties is healthy for several reasons:

1. As a key leader in our congregation, I came back more rested and energized than I have been in a long time. I expect that to be a very positive thing for our church as we have some pretty ambitious goals ahead of us.
2. When a key leader is gone, it forces others to step up to the leadership plate. It’s not that people aren’t willing. Sometimes the status quo doesn’t allow for opportunty.
3. It also reminds a leader that he is not indispensable – the kingdom still advances without you. A scary position for the insecure.
4. It’s good to see leaders model the biblical principle of “rest.”
5. When lot of churches are experience tumultuous time, I think it was good for our church family to see a positive, pro-active leadership situation. This sabbatical had been in the works for a year. It was not a reaction to a “troubled leader” or a “transitioning leader” or even a “conflicted leadership”. This was simply a church leadership saying “we need our key leader at his best for the season of ministry before us.”

It’s great to be a part of a church like that. Thank you Cedar Ridge!

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