Louisville, KY

So I’m delayed in the St. Louis airport on my way back from attending planning meetings for the Continuation Committee of the North American Christian Covention. Looks like the 2009 NACC in Louisville is going to be another great one. It takes place June 30 – July 3.

The NACC is a great place to get your perspective of the church enlarged. It’s always exciting for me to see what God is doing in other places. Sometimes we forget what a big God we serve because we get so accustomed to the home team routine. Just that simple exposure can open your eyes and instill a new passion.

Just through our planning meetings I learned about some incredible new church works that are happening. I heard about courageous people pioneering new strategies on the mission field. I heard about churches making enormous kingdom advances in their communities. I also talked with some ministers who are struggling with similar issues to what we are. If nothing else, it was encouraging just to hang around church leaders from all over North America all committed to the same thing I am – seeing people come to Christ, experience Christian community, and make a difference.

That’s what happens at the North American Christian Convention. I hope you can make it a part of your 2009 summer calendar.

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