I Take that as a Compliment!

Sunday was my first back in worship services for a three weeks. After one of our services, a dear lady and leader in our church came up to me and said that she had discovered something about our church while I was gone. Immediately I was curious and asked her what it was. She responded, “I discovered while you were gone that if anything were to ever happen to you, nothing would happen to our church.”

That maybe one of the greatest ministry compliments I have ever received. That’s something I aspire to. How many church leaders have developed a large following and when they left there was just as large of an exodus. I love it that the ministry of Cedar Ridge Christian Church is not built on one person or even a group of people, but on the work of Jesus Christ with a whole lot of humble and authentic followers. Though all of us like to be indispensable to the people around us, the wisest thing is to create an environment that is prepared for your absence. You might as well face it, we will all be gone someday, for some reason. How will your family, your church, your group, your organization do without you. I’ve talked with our church staff often about working yourself out of a job. That makes some people uncomfortable. “What if they don’t need me? What about my job security?” The truth is if you’re preparing leaders in such a way that they can do what you do, then you’re truly indispensable.

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